Badminton Racket Demo


Our club recently enjoyed a racket demonstration night where our members were given the opportunity to try out a variety of rackets to see which suited their different playing styles. Some of the rackets brought along by the organizer included the Yonex Arcsaber Z-Slash, the racket responsible for producing the fastest ever smash in the Guinness Book of Records, at 421km/h (262mph) and the Arcsaber FB, the lightest racket ever produced by Yonex.

Allowing our members to use the rackets in actual games represented a much more effective way to successfully choose a new racket, in comparison with the limited testing that you can do in a shop.

Different players favoured different rackets from the 10 different types brought along, but the sheer power of the Arcsaber Z-Slash won it many admirers, even if they won’t be breaking any world records themselves any time soon!