Badminton Summer Club 2014


This summer, starting May 16th we will be running a Badminton summer club on Friday evenings between 7pm and 9pm in the sports hall at the Wooldale Centre for Learning in Wootton, Northampton.

As well as a good opportunity for existing members to continue their Badminton play and maintain their fitness, the summer months are an excellent time for non-members to give our club a try. League matches don’t run through the summer, so there is a much less competitive atmosphere, giving you the perfect opportunity to see if you enjoy playing at the club before the new season starts in September.

We welcome Badminton players of all ages.

Costs for the summer club are:

£7 per week (£3.50 for juniors and full time students)

or £55 for the whole summer (£25 for juniors and full time students)